About Me

I'm Tsuf Peterson, an 18 years old photographer.

My journey with photography started when I was 13 (2013)
I got my first camera for my birthday.

Over the last two years, I felt lost because I loved photography so much, but I could not find a way to fulfill my dreams, buy better equipment, and make a living, all out of photography.

I did not like photographing weddings and events.
From time to time I would photograph festivals, parties and birthdays.
But I was looking for something else.
I wanted to photograph other things, like landscape and nature.
I wanted to take creative and crazy images.

So I started working at hard physical jobs (bakery, catering, coffee shop)
In order to buy equipment, so that I can fulfill my dream and make a living out of my hobby.

I tried to sell my pictures, but it did not convey the emotion I wanted.
The pictures became a part of a wall and not a part of other people.

Then I found the thing I was looking for.
The thing that conveys the emotion that came from my pictures to others, while also making others more cool, beautiful and stylish.

But most importantly, It made my dream come true.
It made me feel like I'm doing something significant that can lead me
to the place that I have always dreamed about.
And help me break the ceiling that stopped me until now!

That thing was a Clothing Line and Accessories!
This was It. I knew this was the way to make my dreams come true.

That way I can move the feeling from my pictures into the world and create fashion that is based on the emotions that come from my pictures.
Not by photographing weddings with no emotion, only for the money.

I know creating a brand is hard, I know that I'm going to face a lot of failures,
I know it is bigger than what I have ever done, 
But with big dreams, Come massive actions and commitments.

I can't stop imagine people "wearing my photos", It is so powerful.
When I got the first order,
I was so excited to know that guy who made my dream come true.

When the customer turned to me and said how pleased he was, I was absolutely happy.

That's all.

If I could make it happen, It will be a victory for me.
Welcome to my journey!