What Type Of Clothes Do You Need To Look Super Cool

What Type Of Clothes Do You Need To Look Super Cool

The type of clothes you wear gives a first impression that is either you look cool or not. Well, depending on what kind of people you meet you can be cool in any clothing but also you can look cool around all the people you meet. Some people think that to look cool you need to wear a top of the range clothing brand. You can be thrifty but still, look cool in the clothes bought at way lower prices. Here are some tips on some clothes that you need to look cool

Leather Jacket

You love your suit and tie from Monday to Friday but have you tried a leather jacket on the weekend? Well, if you are one that is always in suits from Monday to Friday a leather jacket on a weekend complements your weekday style so well. Over the years leather jackets were only for the rich but how about you spend some money on a jacket that doesn’t hurt your wallet much because there are many brands out there that give you high-quality jackets at low prices all over. Leather jackets not only keep you warm they also show how stylish you are.

Fitting jeans

Almost everyone has a pair of jeans because jeans come with convenience – mostly do not require ironing and they look fashionable even after shedding some color and can be re-dyed easily. Jeans are great but finding a pair that fits you can be hectic so you can take a little tip into consideration like; your waistline measurement, Inseam measurement, and the leg cut.

Also, you should take into consideration how broad your thighs are compared to your calves. Everything stated depends on your body structure – you can decide to buy jeans from the physical clothing store so as to fit the clothes in store as opposed to ordering online. But if you are one of those people that knows your body structure and you know the exact measurements you can go online.

Try Top To Bottom Black

Maybe you are going for that alumni get together and you have added some little ‘daddy/mummy weight’ and you want to look slender a little bit. You can wear all black or wear black jeans and throw in some stripes for the ladies

It is great to note that navy blue can also do the trick if you are looking to ace that interview on a Monday morning or maybe you are looking to attend dinner gala.


Yes, shades! They may not be considered clothing but they are part of fashion. Shades not only keep UV out and keep your eyes safe when worn right they add great % of ‘cool’ to you. It is said – finding the right shades is like finding the right hairstyle you can rock anywhere. From weddings to family gatherings. There are many brands and styles of shades you can choose from the cool old school aviators to the round frame shades.

Maybe you are that person that is bad at choosing the right clothes for yourself well there are is Pinterest and many other free resources online that you can use. You can also get help from friends or family.