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Tips for Finding the Right T Shirt

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A t-shirt invented early in the 20th century by a bachelor that was tired of replacing buttons on their shirt has become one of the most popular weekends wear among people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. T-shirts come in different colors, sizes, and design so choosing what suits you can sometimes be a little bit tedious. Here are some tips on how to choose the right t-shirt.

Body Size and Type

This may not be a problem for those that are younger and don’t have much body fat. For the ‘skinny’ guys it is much easier to find a t shirt that fits them appropriately. Even with the online orders most of the skinny people fall under the same size and most of the reviews that they leave on the shopping websites show that they fit up to 80% of the time. For the much bigger people there lies the problem when ordering t shirts online because most of the sizes don’t exactly fit them especially with the American and UK sizes. If you have experienced this once or twice you should change the way you buy your t shirts for some time so you can get the difference first by buying from physical stores then revert back to online orders. This is because most of the time some online shops do not accept returns for clothes.

Your body type also matters when choosing the right t shirts. Some of us have bigger bust or well-built biceps the kind of t shirts one could wear in such a situation differ from ones a person with a smaller bust and lesser built muscle could wear. Mostly built people tend to like tight fitting t shirts that stretch easily as opposed to the less built that prefer loose fitting t shirts.


Maybe you are one of those people that work in an office environment that allows you to wear anything on weekend shifts and you are looking for that Saturday half-day shift t shirt. In this case, you can go for the polo t shirts or a nice plain normal t shirt. This can also be advisable if you are going for a family occasion and you are trying to keep it low.

You can also be one of those people that lives the life of a party and you are wondering what to wear to this weekend’s festival. You can easily pull off one of those plain white t shirts because they look really good under the disco lights. White t shirts look like they glow under some type of light thus making you stand out.


This can be a hard thing to choose especially for those people that live in tropical climates and are looking for a fabric that can wick the sweat and at the same time maintain your nice looking style. Most of the time you get a nice t shirt but because of the material used the t shirt isn’t great for people that sweat a lot or maybe you find such a good t shirt with a great fabric but it doesn’t complement your style. This is not only a problem for people that live in the tropics but also those that work in the blue collar jobs anywhere in the world during the hot months of the year.

The durability of the fabric can also be an issue when looking for the right t shirt. Some fabrics wear out faster than others. It is advisable to choose a t shirt made of preferably cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester. If you are that use the services of a laundromat you can also check to make sure that the t shirt you are looking to buy is safe with machine wash too.

Maybe, you are just ‘lazy’ when it comes to ironing your clothes and decide to go for a fabric that can be washed and folded without having many visible creases all over. Also, maybe you want to save ironing time you can go for the easy to iron fabrics.

Color and Print

This is probably what makes most people buy t shirts from certain brands. People always want to be associated with successful brands with some kind of print that people around them can identify with. If you are a more youthful person you could probably be into those t shirts with huge prints on the front of whatever kind or even a huge apparel logo of your favorite cloth maker. As earlier noted the color of your t shirt could be a theme of whatever event occasion you are looking to attend. You could be wanting to attend a race for cancer so it is appropriate to choose the right color for the theme of that event.

The print on your t shirt could also be a message to the people you meet or the people around you so maybe if you are looking to spread awareness about a course you can decide to have a custom t shirt to spread the message. This usually works for silent activists of every positive course.


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