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How to Find Clothes That Fit Your Style

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Are you young and looking to find the best outfits that suit your style? Well, don’t be hard on yourself because you can create your own custom clothes that can suit your style whether casual, formal or a mix of both.



If your style is majorly casual – whether a student, employed and your company doesn’t restrict you to one style of clothing whether it is Monday or Saturday or maybe you are just are that person that is always in a suit and you are looking for some good looking weekend wear. You should take into consideration some of these tips on dressing casually yet looking great.

First for the “the always in a suit” person the most common type of casual style you may have is just a t-shirt and jeans or just chinos and untucked shirts plus a pair of canvas shoes. Well, this may look good but accessorizing it may do the magic because it complements your day to day style, for example, you can add a watch and switch up the canvas shoes for boat shoes.

And, for the guys that work in industries that don’t restrict one to a single style of clothes, for example, the tech industry and the creative industries one can decide to customize their clothing to show their creative self. A good example is if you are a landscape photographer you can have a custom hoodie or a custom t-shirt with one of the best shots printed all over it. Then you can accessorize your phone with a custom back cover with the print of maybe a city street to top it up. (links) This can be paired up with a pair of monochrome canvas shoes.

Maybe it is one of those weekends and you are feeling like you should attend that festival or going out with some friends. You can decide to go for a party t-shirt preferably one that is customized that some of the colors on it glow in the dark.

Planning to go on that road trip for the weekend with some friends you can decide to get that nature print t-shirt with the “infinity way” and make it your theme for the road trip. You can also decide to look for inspiration from some of our custom hoodies and T-shirts here for your end year office party or even your colleague’s birthday party

Official Style

This is the easiest style to don because it doesn’t change much once you get the basics. First, you should “nail the fit” by this you should make sure that that pair trouser/pant – well depending on where you live, fits you to the inch and we are not talking about skinny. Just comfortable fit. You can accessorize your official cloth with a timepiece. This should be easy, remember the custom phone covers switch the fancy one with a print of the night sky with stars. Don’t compromise on the footwear get just get a good pair that suits your kind of official style.

Mixing it up

Not many like this but it works great for them that know how to pull it off. This usually works best during the winter season. For most occupations, you have restrictions on what to wear during the winter months. This where you can pull off a custom hoodie with a nature print with your chinos or jeans on a Monday.

You could be thinking about gifting someone a gift on their special days be it their wedding anniversary, graduation days or any other special day. Custom printed nature t-shirt or hoodie could be one of those thoughtful gifts that people do not get gifted often or people usually never think of them as gifts for special moments. Such gifts could go a long way in complementing one’s style of clothing in a good way.

Sometimes style can be used to express your consciousness about your environment. Your style can help in creating awareness on the effects of change of climate and the importance of conserving the environment by just wearing that landscape photograph hoodie or one with a bear on it helps in reminding everyone how beautiful the earth is and how important it is to keep it in check.


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