How to Dress Well On a Budget for Guys

How to Dress Well On a Budget for Guys

A budget is loosely defined as a financial plan over a specific period of time. Everyone has a budget and usually for most guys the clothing budget is smaller compared to the ladies’ clothing budget. Well, you don’t need a big budget, you can have a small budget and still dress well depending on how good you are at getting the best offers. Here are some tips on how to dress well on a budget:

Have a list of what you need at a specific period

One mistake that we make as guys is not having a list of the clothes you need to add to your wardrobe and we sometimes end up buying stuff that we don’t need. A good example is the number of t-shirts you might need as a guy in college is not the same number of t-shirts you’ll need once you are on that office internship or even your first job after campus. In this case, you need more official shirts than t-shirts but because you are fresh out of campus you end up getting way too many t-shirts that you won’t need over some period of time.

Know offer dates


As a young guy, you probably are savvy enough to know what periods of the year you are in so you know what offers are up. A good example of offer dates is the Black Friday period. No matter where you are wherever in the world there are offers on nice clothes also there might be clearance sales immediately after the Christmas and New Year period. Some of the offers give up to 60% discounts on very good quality clothes this way you can be able to dress on a fraction of the normal budget.

This could be also a bad thing if you are not a frequent shopper you may end up falling for the hype and spending on stuff that is actually not on discount always do time to time checks on shopping websites and physical stores so you know how much discount to expect. Remember the advertising industry works with people’s minds so they know how to manipulate you into buying clothes that have been inappropriately priced or even low-quality clothes

Be yourself

Most of us are usually swayed by what we think people think. You don’t need to make a statement every time you are around people, wearing an expensive brand isn’t your true value. Always learn to keep it simple if you can’t afford it then it is probably not worth buying at that time.

Go to a physical store

When working on a budget you always want to try on what you want to buy because some online orders might not accept returns. Visit your local store a midrange store where clothes are reasonably priced. I bet in every mall or just any shopping center there is always that store for the people that are thrifty in their shopping habits. This way you can get more for less.

Set your own spending limits

If you are a guy that makes say $1000 per month, yes $1000 as your net pay and you are looking to spend some money on clothes every month it is advisable to have a limit of how much you really want to spend because you might have to forego some of the stuff like movie dates or even going out on the weekend with friends.

Follow some successful people’s dressing habits

Well, you may not be rich as them but yes their dressing habits can inspire you a little bit. Say you love the color blue-any shade of blue. Try to have many blue clothes as you can because that way you won’t feel like you are missing something from your wardrobe every morning.

Go for the classics

Sometimes more is less. How about you go for the few expensive ‘platinum designs’ over cheap and many usual designs. This works best for people that love wearing leather jackets and skinny jeans and boots or even every one that loves their suits. If you are a classic lover you can decide to go for the expensive brands because for a classic to look really classic it has to be a little bit pricey and this doesn’t mean you have to have many just a few of them are nice and they are mostly very durable.

Know the return policy of your seller

This is where guys go wrong (especially in international shipping) and end up spending too much money on stuff and returns. Always read the return policy and understand it. Some say they can’t refund the return or replace it if you happen to wash it – well we all forget and you can wash those jeans before returning it because you wore it for 5 minutes around the house but the waist was too big so you want to return it for a refund or a replacement. Always understand that the sellers are here for business so know the return policies and save yourself some money.

Don’t be ignorant

Always stay up to date on style, pricing, and even trends. Well, the world is moving to subscribe to that style newsletter, watch style videos and yes guys should do all that. Even if it means attending a fashion expo just go ahead and attend so you can get some insight and know what you have been doing right or wrong.