Best Clothes for Winter

Best Clothes for Winter

Winter is probably one of the extreme weather seasons and depending on where you are located on earth temperatures can really drop significantly and it is windy at some point so you have to keep out the wind and cold. Winter wear can be expensive so it is best to shop prior to the winter season so you can get great deals on clothes. There are some of the best-known types of clothes for different times of winter you can wear without compromising on your sense of fashion. Depending on the time you can wear either light or heavy layers of clothing so it is wise to choose what suits you at a specific time.


A turtleneck looks good both as part of style and it also keeps out the heat if you are trying to avoid carrying a scarf around your neck or maybe it is one of those warmer winter days and you are trying to keep your style simple and sleek. A turtleneck can be worn with a suit jacket as most of them aren’t that heavy. They (turtlenecks) are available in many colors but most people prefer black because it can be easily paired up with many colors. They are also easy to carry just in case you are planning on packing them when traveling.
Men's Turtleneck
Women's Turtleneck

Warm Boots

warmboots popics

Warm boots are available in very many designs, especially for women. Warm boots not only do they keep you warm they also add some style to what you are wearing. Warm boots are best worn with skinny jeans for the ladies and for men they can just be worn with just straight fitting jeans. Some people find warm boots to be expensive but no! The problem most of us do is we just look at the top of the range brands forgetting these other brands that have quality at lower prices.

Women Cute Warm Short Boots

There are also over the knee boots for ladies. This can come in handy if you are looking to wear a dress for that club night the boots can help keep you warm.

Women Boots Over Knee Long Boots


Leather Jacket

This is probably the best cloth for the winter because it can be worn as casual and official. Well, there is a whole universe of designs of leather jackets and most of them look good at any occasion. Having an assorted range of designs that you can wear to different places. Always remember if you are thrifty you can always a leather jacket that fits the depth your pocket.

Women's Casual Slim Leather Jacket 
Men's Vintage Stand Collar Leather Jacket


scarves popics

Scarves are best worn on moderately cold winter days. Just like any cloth, there are different designs of scarves some are best suited for ladies. For example the blanket wrap scarf. These kind of scarves are usually bigger and cover up to the sleeve area of the hands depending on how they are worn. There are also smaller types of scarves that are worn with both genders like the infinity scarf that is way brief. Scarves are also good if you are looking take off the clothing when the weather gets warmer or maybe you are just looking to stay warm on the commute to work and you are looking to take off some of the clothing.

Warm Infinity Scarf
Women's Fall Winter Scarf

Cable Knit Sweaters

These are best worn by ladies on warmer winter days. Most of these are made from wool thus they help in insulating your body from the cold and keeping the warmth inside. If you are looking to wear an oversized cable knit sweater or even a fitting one it can be paired up with skinny jeans. These sweaters are usually highly priced because they are mostly handmade and if not handmade the designs take a lot of skill to knit even when using machine especially with the patterns.

There are also knitted dresses for ladies they come in all sorts of designs and these can be worn to casual events happening on warmer winter days or just something you can wear when you are just chilling at home with the heater is on.

Women's Cable Knit Long Sweater Jumper

Other suggestions

Sometimes in place of the scarf, you can wear a turtleneck and add a winter hat so you can stay warm on the head especially on extremely cold winter days. Winter hats can come in handy if you work in open areas so you need extra cover from the cold outside.

Women Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap